Review: Butterick 5016

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Yay! It's sunny! This weekend has been gorgeous. I spent yesterday in Puyallup at the Washington State Fair with Kris. I rode two roller coasters. This is a big deal since I've never done that before. Seriously. I am a wuss.

I had so much fun that my glasses broke in the process:

Boo. Hiss. Boo.

After being terrified shitless in 3 minute bursts for 4 1/2 hours yesterday,  I feel a bit rejuvenated. So much so that I took some photos of my latest dress: Butterick 6016.

I made view A minus the pockets. Honestly, the pockets were so small that they would have been useless. I made a straight size 20 with my now-standard 3/8" forward shoulder adjustment. I could have gone down a size at the waist but I got the lazy and just made a tie belt. I shortened the french darts 1". The front neckline was lowered 1". Next time I will go down another 1" as the neckline was still a bit high. I also skipped on the lining. Initially, I wanted to do a full lining but my sewing mojo was waning, so I drafted an all-in-one facing instead.

The fabric is cotton sateen purchased two years from Metro Textiles in NYC. I bought 4 yards of it for really cheap due to the dye boo boo running down the center of the fabric. This made finding a pattern for this fabric challenging. Whichever pattern I used couldn't have incredibly large pieces. Intentional pattern matching was also a no-go. This is why the fabric languished in my stash for so long. This dress was perfect. The back skirt has two pieces, front skirt has three.

Butterick 6016 was easy to fit and sew. Although it is sleeveless and I try to avoid that, I think it looks cute. Some of the fabric managed to match up without my help. It's weird how that works out sometimes.

This pattern will be used again as soon I find the perfect fabric.

My next project will be a shirt dress. I'm going to muslin McCall's 6506 today. If all goes well it will be made with this fabric:

Polka dot tencel denim from Cali Fabrics

Yay! It's Spring.

Feeling Springy.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My sewing mojo may be napping at the moment, but it never hurts to brainstorm. I'm still too pooped to sew. Getting back into the work groove has been tough. I finally managed to finish the hem of my Butterick 5949 (view B with a gathered skirt). No photos yet as I'm so not in the mood for photos right now. But I used this poly crepe de chine from Fabric Mart:

After making that dress, I'm now in the mood for more spring dresses. I have plenty of fabric options in my stash. And I've narrowed it down to three patterns:

Butterick 6016 / Simplicity 1419Simplicity 1873

Usually, I loathe sleeveless dresses. But I figured it would be okay since I always wear cardigans. I love pleated skirts, much more so than gathered. None of them seem terribly complex to sew nor should I encounter a lot of fitting headaches. I've already made the bodice muslins for Simplicity 1419 and 1873.

Now if I could just find the energy to make one of them. Sigh.

I do need to get over myself. It's been a week, not a year. Clearly, I'm a bit obsessed.

Mini update

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I have a job! Yay!

I am sooo tired. No energy for sewing at the moment.

Hopefully after a week or so, I will be in my routine and can get back to sewing.

That is all for now.

A wee twee slip: Emery dress review

Monday, March 17, 2014

I diverged a bit from my work wardrobe plans. I couldn't help it. My Sewing Expo fabric taunted me until I finally gave in and made a dress.

I also had a hankering for a new pattern. Since the Christine Haynes Emery dress had such great reviews, I figured I would try it out. This is the first indie pattern I've purchased this year. I liked that it's an actual dress, not a rectangle with an elastic waist. Oh you indie'll try anything to convince me that a rectangle is universally flattering. Ha!

Anyway, it's been a while since I made a woven dress, let alone a lined one. Aside from my dabbles with chambray, I haven't made a woven dress since I left Austin. My Darling Ranges dress was actually sewn up last August. It was time. I had pattern. I had the fabric

The Emery dress pattern was easy to fit and to sew. I made a quick muslin of the bodice and was immediately won over. The fit wasn't absolute perfection (which pattern is, really?) but it had potential. I had been hesitant to try out other bodice patterns since I have my TNT Butterick bodice. But sometimes you have to try something new.

Work Wardrobe: Progress Report

Monday, March 10, 2014

I think I may be on the brink of sewing burnout. Yesterday I was knee-deep in disappointing muslins. One showed potential, but the rest were a colossal waste of time. I also suffered from pencil skirt failure. I may need to take a break.

My work wardrobe is coming along. I now can cross three things off of my list. The pencil skirt has been swapped for an A-line skirt. This doesn't count as my review. Just a progress report.


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